Le Synpa

The Synpa

The Synpa, the voice of the specialty food ingredients in France.

The trade association

Specialty food ingredients
Food cultures (bacteria, yeasts, moulds), food enzymes, animal rennet, plant extracts, algae extracts, microalgae, vitamins, minerals, fibres, amino acid, probiotics...
They provide organoleptic, nutritional, technological and environmental benefits at all stages of human life.
Specialty food ingredients may be regulated under specific provisions: food additives, novel food, food enzymes, vitamins and minerals authorised in infant nutrition, ingredients permitted in food supplements, etc.

Formed in 1968, the Synpa is the united voice in France of companies producing or distributing specialty food ingredients.

The Synpa promotes their interests taking into account societal expectations in terms of safety and information.

With the knowledge of its sector through the plurality of companies it brings together, the Synpa engages independent dialogue with the public authorities.

The members: https://www.synpa.org/le-synpa-adherents.php


Our view: better regulation and fair communication

We believe that specialty food ingredients have a key role to play for a more safe and sustainable food, for less waste and for a more balanced diet, including less salt, less fat, less sugar and more fibres and vitamin D.
These ingredients meet the expectations of the European Green Deal and the Farm to Fork strategy, as well as the French strategy of “sustainable and healthy food”.

We advocate for an innovation-friendly framework, based on four pillars: innovation, fair-level playing field, safety and fair communication.
We call for a reliable, predictable and clear regulatory framework.
We support the simplification of administrative measures, in France, in Europe and in third countries.

We promote a clear label: a positive communication to the general public on the benefits of the ingredients, a way to reinforce consumers trust in food products.

Aware of its responsibility, the Synpa strives to advance knowledge on specialty food ingredients and develops educational leaflets to inform the general public :


Our core values

  • Expertise
    • Our association informs its members with a high added value ambition.
      Thanks to our working groups, we make pragmatic proposals, anticipate and support the evolution of regulations on a wide range of subjects, and provide members with guidelines on the implementation on key regulations.
    • We share expertise with our environment: food trade associations, food business operators, scientists and universities ...
  • Innovation
    • Companies in the sector devote on average 5% of their turnover to research and development. They contribute to the creation of wealth and jobs in France.
    • We regularly make satisfaction questionnaire for our members in order to make sure the services match their expectations.
  • Human values as a reference


Our structure

Board of Directors: https://www.synpa.org/le-synpa-organisation.php

Working groups:

  • Food Committee and its WGs:
    • WG on food additives
    • WG on food enzymes
    • WG on nutrition
    • WG on food cultures
    • WG on the Nagoya Protocol
    • WG on Trade
  • Publics affairs and communication committee


What do members say about the Synpa?

"Regular meetings with all of the players and with the French Administration are beneficial to the understanding of our business and the usefulness of specialty food ingredients."
Catherine Mignot - DSM Nutritional Products.

"If most of the regulatory framework is at European level, the implementation of regulations and EU decisions remain a national matter. For our group, sharing common interpretations supported by political guidelines is important. Since we have started our membership to the Synpa in January 2020, we have appreciated the dynamism and the regular newsletters which help us save precious time."
Nathalie Pierrel - Givaudan.

"In a world on the move, the Synpa, thanks to its forward-looking perspective, anticipates developments on topics of interest to its members (energy, farm to fork strategy, French policies on food and sustainability…). Proactive on the Nagoya Protocol, it raises the voice of the specialty food ingredients sector for a sustainable environment favourable to R&D in France."
François Creton – Roquette Frères.

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